Modern methods and methods of treating prostatitis

More than half of ordinary men with inflammation of the prostate gland - prostatitis. They do not know that prostatitis is treated using modern methods, and that the disease responds well to drug therapy.

The main thing is to get medical help as soon as possible and follow all the recommendations of experts.

normal and diseased prostate

A group of drugs for the treatment of diseases

Doctors take a comprehensive approach to the treatment of prostatitis, especially in the acute form. Drug therapy includes several types of drugs, as treatment objectives include:

  • destruction of pathogenic microflora;
  • restoration of prostate function characteristics;
  • increase the patient's immunity.

Drug group



They have a negative effect on bacteria and fungi, thereby stopping the inflammatory process. Urine flow improves and pain syndrome decreases.


It is prescribed if the inflammation is caused by a virus, which antibiotics are powerless.

NSAID pain relievers

Non-hormonal agents effectively reduce inflammation by reducing organ swelling and normalizing the outflow of its secretions. This will quickly relieve pain and discomfort

Alpha blockers

Relieves urethral and bladder muscle spasms, which increases urine outflow and restores healthy urination

Relax the muscles

Their action is comparable to alpha blockers, but also aimed at relieving pain

Meant to improve blood circulation

They normalize blood flow to the pelvic organs and the prostate gland itself, which helps to eliminate the stagnation of its secretions and increase tissue regeneration due to increased nutrition.

Herbal medicine

Products based on herbal components will effectively complement drug therapy and also strengthen the immune system. Their advantages are safety and naturalness.

Vitamin complex

Increases immunity and resistance to pathogenic microorganisms, improves the function of the genitourinary system

The most popular herbal remedies that stimulate the function of the prostate gland itself and the entire genitourinary system include:


Release form

Improves bladder function, strengthens blood vessels, normalizes blood supply to the prostate, prevents the formation of blood clots


Lyophilisate for injection

Normalizes prostate function, reduces thrombosis, stimulates bladder function



Relieves swelling, relieves inflammation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, reduces their permeability


Reduces inflammation, accelerates prostate tissue regeneration, relieves pain and discomfort, restores healthy urination

Gelatin capsules

Treatment methods

Prostatitis is treated not only with drugs. Various physiotherapy methods, adherence to diet, proper nutrition basics also help to get rid of it; Traditional medicine is indispensable for prostate dysfunction.


This method of treating prostatitis will only help with the chronic form, during the period of exacerbation it is better to abandon it.

physiotherapy for the treatment of prostatitis

The following have a good effect:

  • electrophoresis – increases blood supply to organs and outflow of prostate secretions, improves tissue nutrition; recommended after initial massage;
  • therapeutic exercises - doing special exercises will increase blood flow to the pelvic organs and strengthen the perineal muscles; especially useful for older/older men;
  • laser exposure - dilates blood vessels, destroys pathogenic microflora, promotes regeneration, anesthetizes, relieves swelling, improves blood supply;
  • magnetic physiotherapy - relieves pain, relieves congestion; recommended for prostatitis and prostate adenoma;
  • massage - the effect on the organs through the anus stimulates the outflow of secretions and the flow of blood to the organs; Massage can only be done by a specialist; self-medication is unacceptable.

Drug treatment

  • For prostatitis, drugs are prescribed by a urologist. Only he will prescribe an effective course of therapy. Medicines are taken strictly according to the prescribed regimen, which is strictly forbidden to change yourself.
  • If the therapy involves frequent injections or physiotherapy, it is best to do it in a clinic or in a day hospital. If the injection is not given, the patient only needs to take pills and wear suppositories, he can be treated at home.
  • If the prescribed drugs are difficult to buy, they can be replaced with analogs, but only after consulting a specialist. Find out if you can get medicine for free, because. . . Some pharmaceutical products are included in government health programs.

Only by following all these rules, the treatment of any form of prostatitis in men will be effective and will bring complete relief from the pathology forever.

Traditional method

It is impossible to cure prostatitis completely with alternative medicine, but it can prevent it or supplement drug treatment. Traditional methods are very good in combating the early form of prostatitis.

Advantages of this technique:

  • safety, absence of adverse reactions;
  • complex effects on the male body;
  • good compatibility with pharmacological agents.

You can cure the disease at home, but you can use any recipe only after your doctor's approval.

folk remedies for the treatment of prostatitis

The basis of traditional medicine is homeopathy, but beekeeping products are also popular - honey, propolis, bee bread, dead bees, royal jelly. Gifts like bees and nature have a relatively quick effect, help to cure prostatitis completely, and can contribute to:

  • fight viruses and bacteria;
  • relieves inflammation;
  • eliminate cramps;
  • relieves pain;
  • improve blood supply.

In many cases, the addition of drug therapy with a non-traditional prescription helps to avoid the serious consequences of prostatitis - the development of adenomas, erectile dysfunction and impotence, and prostate cancer.

Bath and sauna

The treatment regimen for chronic prostatitis usually includes a visit to a steam room. It relieves pain, spasms, congestion, fatigue in the perineal muscles. But you need to take this procedure correctly:

  • you need to choose aspen or a special broom, including herbs that are beneficial for men - sage, yarrow, mint, chamomile;
  • Alcohol is prohibited; after the steam room, drink a decoction of nature's gift that has anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects;
  • It is forbidden to reduce the body temperature sharply: douse yourself with cold water or jump into the pool;
  • Overheating is also not recommended, so at high temperatures it is better not to enter the steam room or stay in it for too long.

Bathing procedures are prohibited during exacerbations, as they cause deterioration of the condition and the development of complications.


Treatment of prostatitis and prostate adenoma in men also involves following a diet.

Prostatitis is the result of poor blood supply to the pelvic organs; it is recommended to avoid foods that destroy the health of blood vessels and blood:



  • alcoholic beverages;
  • fatty and fried foods;
  • Red meat;
  • spicy and salty dishes;
  • baked goods;
  • reddish brown;
  • strong tea, coffee;
  • offal.
  • fresh herbs;
  • onion;
  • garlic;
  • mustard;
  • sea fish;
  • seafood;
  • vegetables and fruits.

Help for acute prostatitis

The prostate gland can become inflamed very sharply and quickly, so it is customary to talk about the acute course of this disease. For men, it is difficult to resist the characteristic attack of pain, so you need to know what to do in this situation.

The best advice is to call an ambulance to take the patient to hospital. If this is not done, complications may occur such as:

  • vein blockage;
  • urinary retention and bladder rupture;
  • abscess development.

Only a specialist can prescribe adequate and correct treatment aimed at relieving acute attacks. Before the doctor arrives, it is recommended to take antispasmodics or painkillers.

Therapy for the chronic form

Prostatitis that has a chronic course needs to be treated for a long time. This comprehensive therapy will include:

  • take drugs that can treat the prostate and prevent disease recurrence;
  • Play sports;
  • undergoing physical therapy;
  • diet;
  • regular sex;
  • exclusion of free association.

In many cases, such therapy gives good results, and patients can do without prostate surgery. This treatment method is used as a last resort, when conservative therapy is ineffective and prostatitis is determined to be incurable.

Duration of therapy

Effective treatment for all forms of prostatitis depends on the timely diagnosis of the pathology, the qualifications of the attending physician and the therapy prescribed by him. But the most important condition is whether the patient himself will help himself?

How quickly he recovers depends only on the patient; Its main tasks are:

  • drink and inject all prescribed medications correctly;
  • avoid hypothermia and overheating, infection penetration;
  • follow a diet;
  • to lead an active lifestyle;
  • reject bad habits.

Then the treatment of the acute form will take from 10 to 14 days, the chronic form - from a month to a year. A young body overcomes pathology more easily. After treatment, it is necessary to check the health of the prostate gland by undergoing periodic preventive examinations.

Are exotic techniques useful?

How else can you get rid of prostatitis? The techniques are so diverse that you can find the most amazing methods.


  • This insect is able to defeat inflammation of the prostate thanks to the carboxylic acid released after the bite.
  • This substance increases tissue trophism and activates blood circulation in the prostate.
  • Common black ants, which are widespread in our region, are suitable for therapy. The disease can be treated in this way only during the period of remission and if there is no allergy to carboxylic acids.
ants against prostatitis


  • Therapeutic fasting helps activate metabolic processes, and this leads to: reduction of subcutaneous fat; weight loss, removal of excess fluid and toxins.

In this way, a general healing effect is achieved, but in the fight against prostatitis such methods are not enough.

According to doctors, patients suffering from prostate inflammation must follow the principles of proper nutrition. It is better to remove harmful foods from your diet than to completely abandon them, even for a few days.

According to Neumyvakin

  • Dr. Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakin offers treatment for prostatitis with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.
  • These inexpensive drugs, available to Russian patients, can be easily purchased at a pharmacy or supermarket; the worrying fact is that it must be taken orally, often on an empty stomach.

According to doctors, the declared therapeutic effect is rarely observed, and adverse effects on the mucous membrane of the digestive tract are a frequent occurrence. Therefore, before using exotic methods, consult a urologist or get real reviews of patients who follow them.


  • The effect on the body's acupuncture points activates the synthesis of special substances that trigger mechanisms to combat the inflammatory process. According to representatives of oriental medicine, acupuncture will cure diseases and eliminate their causes.
  • acupuncture for prostatitis
  • Doctors believe that reflexology as the basis of treatment will not overcome the pathology, but as part of a complex treatment it can activate the body's hidden reserves and accelerate recovery.


  • Treatment with leeches is relevant because. . . is based on blood renewal.
  • According to medical data, one third of the total biological fluid in the body is in storage - subcutaneous capillaries, and is not used in the general bloodstream.
  • Leech bites help remove this stored fluid, and reducing its volume activates the renewal process. The result is better blood supply to all parts of the body.

Hirudotherapy is one of the effective alternative treatment methods, but leeches must be administered by a specialist. This will allow you to achieve therapeutic results and will not lead to complications.

Massage for prostatitis

Massage for chronic prostatitis is often included in the treatment procedure. Massaging the glandular organs is recommended for many problems with men's health; it helps:

massage for prostatitis
  • eliminate stagnation of prostate juice;
  • naturally removes bacteria, remnants of their vital activity, and in advanced cases - pus;
  • ensures blood flow, and with it oxygen and nutrients, in the perineum;
  • improve sperm quality (male semen including prostate secretions);
  • normalize sexual function.

Massage has contraindications:

  • exacerbation of any urological disease;
  • neoplasms;
  • stones in the prostate;
  • infection.

The attending physician will remove all restrictions and issue a referral for the procedure.

Devices and devices for treatment

You can do the massage at home, and you don't need to read about the procedure or take a training course. You can buy a prostate massager, of which there are many on the market.




Vibration stimulates the prostate, thereby strengthening the tone of the organ, increasing blood supply, and increasing secretion outflow


Improves blood and lymph flow, improves the permeability of arteries and veins, improves metabolic processes and regeneration.


Relieves pain, relieves inflammation, restores healthy prostate function, improves blood flow and outflow of secretions.


It includes exposure to magnetic rays, heat and vibration, which have complex effects.

The price of such devices can be high, but if you compare them to the total cost of treatment, they quickly pay for themselves. The device helps treat chronic forms and prevent exacerbations.


Physical activity for pathology is mandatory, but there are some exercises that must be done regularly. They will help prevent stagnation and disease relapse.

physical therapy for prostatitis

The list includes:

  • Kegel exercises;
  • bicycle;
  • leaning to the right, left foot;
  • lifting the pelvis while lying on your back;
  • running, squatting, swinging legs, jumping.

As a result of untreated prostatitis

If inflammation of the prostate gland is left without proper attention, it can cause more serious pathologies. The acute form threatens:

  • inflammatory processes in the urinary system;
  • abscess formation in the prostate;
  • the development of a chronic form.

The latter leads to:

  • impotence, loss of sexual ability;
  • loss of reproductive ability;
  • tumor formation of various types;
  • kidney failure;
  • appearance of kidney stones.

Prevention of prostatitis

There are two types of preventive measures - maintaining a proper lifestyle or taking medication.

A vitamin complex containing vitamins A, E, C, zinc, and selenium will not be superfluous.

A list of healthy lifestyle rules includes:

  • stop smoking, alcohol abuse, and strong substance use;
  • feasible but regular physical activity;
  • proper nutrition;
  • sanctity of sexual life.


Reviews from the majority of men who take a responsible approach to taking care of their men's health say that getting rid of prostatitis is difficult, but possible. Yes, therapy is not limited to tablets and suppositories.

It requires a review of all normal life activities, abandoning many temptations and habits, but the results exceed expectations.

Comprehensive treatment, carried out according to all the rules, helps to fully recover from prostate inflammation, improve the condition of the whole body, and feel younger and more active.